Why SmartAss Should be your Favorite Trivia Board Game

Smart Ass Board Game Pieces and Die

SmartAss is the Ultimate Trivia Board Game for a large group or party because you never have to wait for your turn.  Simply YELL out your answer as soon as you know it.  But, timing is everything.  Jump in too early and you may blow your chance. Wait too long and another person might guess the right answer.


My nephew Matthew spits when he talks. We thought it was because he wore braces, but no, he still spews saliva even after getting them off. I mention this for two reasons:

  1.  This is his favorite game, and
  2.  He spits even more when he gets excited and shouts out the answers.

Smart Ass is one of our favorite party games when we have a larger group. Every Player is involved in every turn so it keeps all the Players interested. We usually play with 8 players, but if we have more players, we break up into teams. We usually team a child with an adult. The debating/arguing between teammates is the funniest thing to watch.


Contents of Smart Ass Board Game

This is a fun trivia style game.  There is one answer on each card and 10 clues to help you guess it.  These clues are read one at a time.  Players can make a guess whenever they think they know the answer.   The type of answers range from ‘Sigmund Freud’ to ‘zipper’ to ‘Istanbul’ ‘.

  • Players – 2-8 (we play with more than 8 people, but break up into teams)
  • Ages – 12 and up
  • Playtime – 15-20 minutes per game
  • Contents – game board, 8 playing pieces with stands, 461 question cards, category die, movement die (I have the original version so my pictures are slightly different)
  • High-quality materials.  After many years of playing this game, everything is still in perfect condition


Amazon Smart Ass CoverSmart Ass Game Travel Tin

Smart Ass                                                                     Smart Ass Game Travel Tin


To be the first Player to reach the uhh… ‘rear end‘ of the donkey in the center of the board.


SmartAss Trivia Board Game

Each Player chooses a playing piece and plastic stand and places it at the Start. Place each card deck on the game board in its designated place.


Smart Ass Trivia Question Cards

There are four categories of question cards. The answer is on the bottom of each card. The cards all have 10 clues except the red Hard Ass ones. The Hard Ass cards have straight trivia questions.
Orange  – Who Am I?
Blue  – What Am I?
Green  – Where Am I?
Red  – Hard Ass


Any Player except the Reader can yell out an answer at any time. However, each Player gets only ONE try to answer per card. If the answer is not correct, that Player is out for that round. If the answer is correct, then that Player wins the round.

  1. The oldest Player is the first Reader.
  2. The Reader rolls the colored category die to pick the category.
  3. The Reader reads the first clue, allows the Players to makes guesses,  and continues to read each clue until one of the Players guesses correctly.
  4. The correct guesser rolls the numbered die and moves his/her playing piece forward the number of spaces rolled.
  5. If no one guesses correctly, the Reader wins that round.
  6. Play moves clockwise so the person to the left of Player becomes the Reader.


  • Dumb Ass Space. This is a penalty space. A Player cannot guess an answer or read a question when they are on this space. The Player to the left becomes the Reader.
  • Hard Ass Space. This is a bonus question space. When a Player lands on this space, the Reader reads a red card. Only the Player who landed on the space can answer the question. If he/she answers correctly, they roll the die and move ahead the number of spaces on the die. If he/she answers incorrectly, they stay where they are.
  • Kick Ass Space. A Player must move his/her playing piece back three spaces if they land on this space.

Do you love SmartAss by University Games?  I’d love to hear from you!   If you don’t have this great game yet, you can get it through Amazon here.


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